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The Reward Foundation is a pioneering sex and relationship education charity. We make the research behind love, sex and internet pornography accessible to a wide public. Research shows that bingeing on internet pornography can become compulsive over time and reduces interest in and satisfaction from real life sexual relationships.

Never before in the history of humankind has so much hyper-stimulating sexual material been so freely available as now. The environment changed in 2016 when free, streaming high definition video became available over broadband via mobile devices.

Our brains have not adapted to cope with so much, readily available sexual stimulation. Children from puberty onwards are naturally curious about sex. At the same time they are particularly vulnerable to internet porn’s powerful effects due to their stage of brain development. Free, easy to access, hardcore pornography via smartphones, tablets and laptops makes it difficult for them to avoid seeing. Most internet pornography today does not model intimacy and trust, but rather unsafe sex, coercion and violence, particularly towards women. Children are programming their brains to this high level of arousal and at the same time, are failing to learn what they need for healthy, loving, sexual development.

Škole i roditelji

The Reward Foundation provides talks to whole year groups for secondary schools. In addition we are about to launch planovi lekcija for teachers to use. These are in the final stages of piloting.

The charity provides talks with parents to help equip them to have that uncomfortable conversation with their children and to help coordinate support with schools. See also our Free Parents’ Guide to Internet Pornography.

I mi gledamo na uticaj pornografije saglasnost, sexting i drugi seksualni prekršaji zajedno sa dugoročnim uticajem prekršaja na radna mjesta, putovanja i društveni život. Kent police say parents may be prosecuted for their children’s ‘sexting’.

Pomozite djeci za koju ste stalo da nađete ljubav ne pornografiju.


Akreditovani smo od strane Royal College of General Practitioners da vodimo radionice o uticaju internet pornografije na mentalno i fizičko zdravlje. Sadržaj je takođe relevantan za one koji su odgovorni za rješavanje pitanja seksualnog uznemiravanja na radnom mjestu. Kontaktirajte nas za detalje o otvorenim događajima i internoj obuci koja je dostupna u poludnevnim i celodnevnim formatima. Radionice su pogodne za sve one koji su zainteresovani za efekte pornografije na ponašanje.

To support our lesson plans for teachers, we are developing a ‘train the trainer’ workshop about which we will announce more in the coming months. Sign up to our newsletter at the foot of the page to stay up-to-date with developments.

Porn Trap

Pornography companies have been at the vanguard of internet development and design to make hyper arousing sexual material available free, on stream, via smartphones. This overstimulation causes constant cravings that in turn change a porn user’s thoughts and behaviour over time without their awareness. For increasing numbers of users this can lead to poremećaj kompulzivnog seksualnog ponašanja formerly known as ‘sex addiction’ According to the najnovija istraživanja, more than 80% of people seeking medical help with compulsive sexual behaviour have a porn-related problem. Bingeing on porn can have a negative effect on sexual health, behaviour, relationships, attainment, productivity and criminality. With regular bingeing, the brain changes increase over time.

Mi izveštavamo priče from thousands of people who have experimented with quitting porn and experienced a variety of mental and physical benefits as a result. See ovaj mladićpriča. Pišemo i najnovije istraživanje o ovoj temi.

Naša filozofija

We are often asked if we use porn. The answer is “no” we don’t, but we do not want to prohibit others from doing so if they want to. It is a personal decision. However we do want to help people make an ‘informed’ choice about its use based on the evidence from the research currently available.

We campaign to reduce childrenXCHARXs easy access to internet pornography because of research indicates that it is damaging to children at their vulnerable stage of brain development. There has been a dramatic rise in child-on-child sexual abuse in the past 6 years. and in

The information on this website can help people improve their chances of enjoying a successful, loving sexual relationship. Here is are some simple samoocenjivanje exercises designed by neuroscientists and clinicians to see if porn is affecting you or someone close to you. The Reward Foundation does ne nude terapiju niti pružaju pravne savjete. Međutim, mi vodimo putokaze ka oporavku za muškarce i žene čija je upotreba postala problematična.

Molimo Vas da nas kontaktirate ako želite više informacija o nekim od pitanja koja su ovde navedena.

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